Limestone floors & tiles

  • aegean_1_large

    Aegean Limestone Tumbled

    Aegean limestone flooring tumbled with a aged look & feel.

  • bastille_grey1

    Bastille Limestone Antique

    Bastille Grey's aged surface reminisces years of traffic.

  • p1020317-web

    Bavarian Grey Limestone Honed

    Bavaria Grey has a honed matt surface and diamond swan edge limestone

  • cathedral2

    Cathedral Limestone Antique

    aged limestone flooring charcoal in colour & shade.

  • field_stone1

    Corinium Limestone Tumbled

    Tumbled limestone flooring in flagstone style sizes.

  • bone1

    Jerusalem Bone Limestone Honed

    Durable limestone tiles matt honed finish with diamond sawn edge.

  • jbone1

    Jerusalem Bone Limestone Tumbled

    Durable off white to bone tumbled jerusalem limestone

  • jgold

    Jerusalem Gold Wastani Honed

    A classic durable, honed matt finish limestone tile.

  • greygoldhoned

    Jerusalem Grey Gold Limestone

    Interesting honed with square edge limestone floor or wall tile.

  • greygold1_1

    Jerusalem Grey Gold Tumbled

    Interesting fossils accentuate the surface of this tumbled stone

  • jura2

    Jura Beige Limestone Honed

    Jurassic Era Limestone particularly suited to high traffic areas.

  • juragrey3

    Jura Grey Limestone Honed

    limestone with grey and blue variation surface finished to a honed matt

  • moleanoswhite

    Moleanos White Honed Limestone

    Pale consistent limestone for walls or floors

  • normandy2

    Normandy Limestone Tumbled

    Aged limestone tiles with a distressed face and edge detail.

  • rochester1

    Rochester Limestone Antique

    elegant bush hammered & brushed finish limestone floor

  • romanee_1

    Romanee Limestone Antique

    Romanee Limestone characterised by a undulated aged surface

  • st_benedict_antique

    St Benedict Limestone Antique

    Exclusive antique finish limestone floor from France

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