Norcros Flexible Grout

Norcros Flexible Floor & Wall Grout is a hard wearing, water and weather resistant tiling grout. It is suitable for grouting between all types of wall and floor tiles including porcelain. Containing unique Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders the enhanced flexibility of the grout allows a greater range of fixing possibilities normally only achieved by the addition of separate admixtures. Norcros Flexible Floor & Wall Tile Grout can be used in both internal and external conditions and in fully immersed condition such as pools. It is water resistant but not impervious to the passage of water, in situations where the background needs to be protected against water ingress the use of Norcros Wet Seal should be considered. Where an impervious grout joint is required Norcros Super Epoxy Grout should be used.

Grey 10 kg bag  
dark grey 10 kg bag  
limestone 10 kg bag  
sandstone 10 kg bag  

Useful Information

Prior to grouting the adhesive should be dry and the grout joints clean and free of adhesive residues. Porous tiles should be sealed before grouting. Norcros Flexible Wall & Floor Grout has a coverage rate of 8-15 m2 per bag bag approx. Coverage will depending on tile size, thickness and size of joint. As a general rule 10 m2 per bag is a good guide line.