In-Essence Stone

In-essence is a collection of salvaged concrete, stone & wood that are returned to a new life. On these surfaces we can find the values ​​of those who worked them, and all the signs brought by time. In-essence collects this heritage and transfers it to us in all its immediacy.

  • In-Essence - Composto Cenere
  • In-Essence - Composto Antracite
  • In-Essence - Composto Sabbia & Composto Quercia

Surface Finishes

Matt R10 surface tiles with typical imperfection markings found in stone and cement. Woods in this collection offer a 3-dimensional surface with typical signs of aging of the original boards.

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Composto Antracite
Composto Cenere
Composto Grigio
Composto Sabbia
800 x 800 x 10mm
600 x 600 x 9mm
300 x 600 x 10mm

Quantity (Nearest M2)

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  • 2CM Paving

Useful Information

Skirt and a range of mosaics and feature tiles are also available with this collection, please contact the showroom for further detail on these items.

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