A journey through the tradition, of decoration, inspired by the traditional cement tiles. A process of graphic references able to evoke all the flavour of the porous, natural material seeks out imperfections and brings a subtle, tongue-in-cheek slant to them, using sophisticated, contemporary graphics based on an idea of recovery that’s become vogue. The Cementine 20 collection turns classic designs into contemporary patterns, modular solutions where colour is the key to reinventing settings with a new touch of “decor”.

  • Cementine20 - Mixed Tiles
  • Cementine20 - Tile 1
  • Cementine20 - Tile 1
  • Cementine20 - Tile 3
  • Cementine20 - Mixed Tiles
  • Cementine20 - Mixed Tiles

Surface Finishes

Matt R9 surface with the durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain, available in five monochrome designs that allow great variety in how they can be used. Whether using one design or mixing multiple designs together to create a patchwork effect, truly unique layouts can be achieved on both floors and walls with this truly versatile porcelain tile.

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Cementine 1
Cementine 2
Cementine 3
Cementine 4
Cementine 5
Cementine Mixed
200 x 200 x 10mm

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  • 2CM Paving

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