The ancient Allure of the modern, Loire a truly classic collection of vitrified porcelain stoneware inspired by the characteristics of paver stones recovered from old French dwelling places, designed from a fresh subtle approach to appeal to a variety of tastes, from traditional style to contemporary design combinations.

  • Loire - Moka
  • Loire - Avorio
  • Loire - Moka
  • Loire - Taupe

Surface Finishes

Loire is a fully vitrified porcelain tile collection suitable for internal and external applications, available in R10 natural and R11 anti slip surface. 2 cm paving is also available in some of the colours and sizes for creating a seamless transition from inside to outside.

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750 x 750 x 20mm
750 x 750 x 10mm
604 x 906 x 20mm
604 x 906 x 10mm
600 x 600 x 20mm
408 x 614 x 10mm

Quantity (Nearest M2)

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  • 2CM Paving

Useful Information

Skirting, steps treads & risers are also available. Please contact us for information on all special pieces available.

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